Domestic Adoption

Birth parents contact our agency anytime during their pregnancy or after the birth of the baby. Carrying a child for nine months and then entrusting the baby to an adoptive family can be a painful and difficult decision for birth parents. There are many reasons birth parents have for not being able to parent a child. Some factors that motivate birth parents to make an adoption plan can include: financial inability to raise the child, a strong feeling that the child needs a two-parent family, and/or lack of readiness to fulfill the responsibility of parenthood.

Most domestic adoptions for Adopt!inc. are open adoptions. Open adoption gives the birth parents the opportunity to choose the adoptive parents for the child. (Of course, the adoptive parents must also agree, once the birth parents have chosen them.) There's a wide range of "openness" in open adoption. For example, some open adoptions involve contact among birth parents and adoptive parents prior to the birth of the baby and only pictures thereafter. However, the most common type of open adoption tends to involve some type of ongoing contact among the birth parents, child and adoptive parents. Ideally, the level of openness is agreed upon prior to placement of the child.

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