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Dear Birthparent(s),

It is our hope that this provides you a brief look into our lives. We are most grateful for the opportunity and hope to convey our sense of respect and admiration for your decision to create an adoption plan.

We have experienced sixteen years of marriage and one very successful adoption together. We have always shared a special chemistry that came effortlessly, and having children has always been a part of the plan. Our families have always been supportive of us in all of endeavors and certainly our adoption plans, they cannot wait to have another grandchild!

We live in a town where family and sense of community are very important. Our home is one of ten nestled in a cul de sac and there are many children that love to ride bikes, play flashlight tag, play baseball, and catch fireflies at any given time! Summers are full of cookouts and swimming and winters are full of sleigh riding and snowman building.

We both have careers in the education field, Leah is a Kindergarten teacher and Jason is a principal of an elementary school. It was our love for children that led us to choose these careers, where we could have an impact on young lives every day. Our occupations have helped to reinforce the values that we hold dear and we understand the importance of passing on these teachings to our own children.

Summers with us are spent traveling to family beach vacations (20+ family members) or to adventurous places we can explore and hike. We enjoy new places and love to take in all the culture around us! We feel it is important to balance education, activities, and art so we've encouraged Ethan to experience these with us starting at an early age.

We always knew we wanted more than one child, and we are elated to be expanding our family. If your child comes to us, he/she will have all the love in the world! He/she will enter a life full of laughter, love, and experiences that will become lifelong memories. Our extended families are ready to welcome, support, and nurture them and we promise to raise them in the same loving environment we were raised in.

Thank you for reading our letter and we want you to know that are thoughts and prayers are with you.

Our Best,

Jason and Leah

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