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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We’re very excited to begin this journey of expanding our family. God blessed us with a wonderful little boy about 7 years ago and we’re very hopeful to add another little boy to our family very soon! Our son is an incredible blessing and we’re very thankful to have him. We tried for several years to conceive after we had him and have realized that God’s plan for our next child is for us to adopt. We each have siblings and family is very important to us. We want other children and we want our son to have the blessing of siblings as well. We initially started looking at adoption as an option about 3 years ago. We decided to hold off a little while longer and to pray about the situation. In that time period we’ve realized that adoption is absolutely what is meant for our family. We started the process and have a sense of peace that this is truly the path God has planned for our family.

Now to tell you a little more about each of us. Robert, who usually goes by Rob, is a security guard for a military organization. He previously served in the military but works now as a civilian. Megan is a nurse practitioner and cares for patients of all ages in an urgent care setting. Our work schedules overlap from time to time but we have wonderful family support to help care for our son, Zachary, and our future children. Zachary is seven years old and is a very caring child, who is also a little shy at times, and a little silly at times! Zachary has been asking for a sibling for many years and is as excited about this process as we are!

We are a very active family. We enjoy traveling, many outdoor activities, and if the weather is not cooperating we are also happy to snuggle in and watch movies or play board games! Zachary is involved in Cub Scouts and we are den leaders for his group, so we have a lot of activities with the scouts. I think our favorite family vacation destination so far has been Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. We have also visited Puerto Aventuras and Puerto Moroles Mexico, several beaches in Florida and South Carolina, and New York City for family trips. We like to vacation at least once or twice each year, but in between we do a lot of weekend trips to nearby zoos, aquariums, and amusement parks. Some of our trips are just us, but at least once every year or two we do a larger family trip with extended family.

Megan has 5 siblings – 2 sisters and 3 brothers – 3 of them are married and have children. Robert has one sibling who is also married with a child. We have a total of 3 nieces and 4 nephews. Both of our parents are thankfully still here with us, as well as one of each of our grandparents. The entire family is super excited to welcome another baby to the family. Papaw is already working on making the baby’s crib like he has for all of the grandchildren!

We are in our 30’s with established, reliable careers. We have the necessary means to provide for a new addition to the family. We promise to give the baby lots of love and a great life! We will do our very best to instill strong values, morals, and ethics as we raise him. We know you’re making this choice with love for your child and we will make sure he always knows that too. We honor and respect you for making this decision. We really appreciate you taking the time to get to know us a little and thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

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