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Dear Birth Parent(s),

Words cannot express just how blessed we feel to share our story with you, and how grateful we are for you and your decision to make an adoption plan for your baby. We understand that this is a very significant decision for you to make, and we can relate to the love you feel for your child. We are honored that you would consider entrusting us with such a precious gift, and please know that we will always regard you with the utmost respect and admiration. Your child will always know how important this decision was to you, and that it was a decision made out of love for him or her.

We began discussing adoption after a year-and-a-half of infertility. We felt that perhaps God was calling us on a different path than the one we thought He had planned, and connected with a couple from our church who had adopted two, darling little girls. Their touching story, combined with prayerful consideration, led us to begin this journey. Our prayer now is that God will keep you and your child safe and healthy, and that you will feel a sense of peace and comfort in choosing adoption for your child. We have great faith that His loving hand is already involved in this process. 

Outside of our relationship with Christ, we feel that our relationship with each other and our extended family are most important.  Our family is made up of three – Abby, Brandon, and Beckham. Abby is an enthusiastic and compassionate educator, who loves teaching and creating. She teaches part-time and runs an online teaching resource shop. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious, and it is rare to not see her smiling. She spends her extra time decorating their home, cooking and entertaining for family and friends, thrift shopping, and reading and writing. Brandon is a thoughtful and godly family man, who is a fulltime sales associate at a local home improvement store. He loves spending time with Abby and Beckham, reading, volunteering with their church middle school ministry, and occasionally grooming dogs for family and friends. Beckham is our spirited and loving 5-year-old who is excited about becoming a big brother. Currently, he loves riding his bike, playing superheroes with his neighborhood friends, building with Legos, and attending kindergarten. Having just learned to ride a bike without training wheels, he says he wants to be a ‘bike racer’ when he grows up! As a family, we enjoy doing a variety of things together, including: vacationing to Northern Michigan, visiting our family’s lake home, dining out, playing in the yard, going to the zoo and children’s museum, and cozying up on the couch to watch movies and eat popcorn together.

As parents, we find it most important to instill a love of Jesus in our children, and we pray that our children will invest in a relationship with Him just as we have. Further, we value education, a strong work-ethic, and compassion for others. We want our children to grow up with a strong sense of family, a love of learning, and the confidence to fulfill their dreams whatever they may be. Though it’s difficult to convey in this letter, we are so excited about the opportunity to add to our family through adoption, and anxiously await the day we have another child to love and adore!

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet our family!


Abby & Brandon

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