International Adoption

Adopt!inc. provides home studies for international adoption. We are licensed by the state of Kentucky to provide home studies for residents of Kentucky. In Kentucky, the majority of families who adopt internationally work with two adoption agencies:

  • a home study agency (such as Adopt!inc.)
  • a child-placing agency (a.k.a. adoption service provider) In other words, our child-placing program is domestic rather than international. For international adoption, we send the completed home studies to the child-placing agency.

We have completed home studies for families who have adopted from various countries. Some of the most popular at this time are Haiti, Taiwan, Ghana, South Korea and China. However, we are able to complete home studies for any country.

Adopt!inc. provides humanitarian aid by helping fund “Hope for Tomorrow Children’s Home” in Guatemala. (International adoptions can no longer take place from Guatemala.).

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