We've Got Answers It's common to have questions about adoption! Any questions you might have are good. It’s our pleasure to help you think through your situation and help you plan your child’s future. You can design your very own adoption plan. We’ll have the answers you need and will coach you through this life event.

Nothing! All of our services are free for expectant and birth parents.
Yes! We believe that you know best how to choose the perfect parents for your baby. We will provide you with information about approved and waiting prospective adoptive parents from which to choose.
You may be able to qualify for financial assistance. This may include food, rent, medical bills, maternity clothes, and/or transportation. Financial assistance is based on need.
It's alright...it isn't too late to make an adoption plan. We can help you make an adoption plan. We have families who are approved and waiting and ready to meet you right away if that's what you prefer. At times, women call us from the hospital to make an adoption plan after the baby is born. We want to assist you in making a comfortable adoption plan for your child.
The type of hospital experience you have is your choice. You might choose to have alone time with the baby in the hospital. You might choose to have friends and/or family members at the hospital. Or you may want to have the adoptive parents at the hospital. A few birth parents invite the prospective adoptive parents to be there for labor and delivery. Observing the adoptive parents' interaction with the child is often comforting to birth parents. The adoptive parents can take the baby home directly from the hospital if that's what you would like.
  • Adoption counseling
  • Housing
  • Assistance with prenatal care and medical care
  • Assistance with choosing adoptive parents

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