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Choose a Family One of the most rewarding parts of making an adoption plan is choosing the adoptive family who will raise your child. We invite you to browse our list of loving families from across the United States hoping to adopt a baby. Each family's profile contains extensive information about them, including where they live, what they do for a living, favorite interests and hobbies, family traditions, and more.

Types of Adoption When it comes to adoption, you as the birth or expectant parent have choices. With more than 20 years experience we can help guide you towards the type of adoption that will be best for you.


Open Adoptions

We love the wide range of open adoption. Most of our adoptions are what we call "semi-open" adoptions. The flow of a semi-open adoption is typically like this: the birth parents choose the adoptive parents from a set of profiles. Sometime during the pregnancy, the birth or expectant parents will meet with the adoptive parents they have chosen. The birth or expectant parents and adoptive parents are together at the hospital and they all will interact with the baby. The baby goes home from the hospital with the adoptive parents. The adoptive parents send pictures and e-mails to the birth parents. If additional contact is desired, this is agreed upon before placement. This type of adoption seems to benefit both parties involved and is usually a "win-win" experience for everyone.

Closed Adoptions

Adoptions that are "closed" assure complete confidentiality for both the birth and expectant parents as well as the adoptive parents. Closed adoptions are at the request of the birth or expectant parents. We will ask the birth or expectant parents what their desires are for the type of adoptive parents they would like for their child. Adopt!inc. can choose the adoptive parents in a closed adoption.

Common Questions It's common to have questions about adoption. We're here to help you answer any and all questions.

No! All of our services are free for both birth and expectant parents.
Yes! We believe that you know best how to choose the perfect parents for your baby. We will provide you with information about approved and waiting prospective adoptive parents from which to choose.
You may be able to qualify for financial assistance. This may include food, rent, medical bills, maternity clothes, and/or transportation. Financial assistance is based on need.
It's isn't too late to make an adoption plan. We can help you make an adoption plan. We have families who are approved and waiting and ready to meet you right away if that's what you prefer. At times, women call us from the hospital to make an adoption plan after the baby is born. We want to assist you in making a comfortable adoption plan for your child.

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