Waiting Forever Families Are you considering adoption for your child? You can choose a loving, approved and waiting family to help you complete your adoption plan. Adopt!inc. has been bringing families together since 1996. We love to provide choices for birth parents who are seeking an adoptive family for their child.


Emily and Benjamin

We are Ben and Emily. We have been married for 6 years and have wanted to be parents for a long time. Through 4 years of infertility we have grown more and more excited about growing our family through adoption, and we are more than ready to welcome a child into our hearts and our home. Our life together is filled with joy! We have two very sweet cats who love to cuddle. We like to travel, play board games and spend time with friends. We have a great community around us who have loved and supported us well and are now thrilled that adoption is part of God's plan for our family! Children bring so much joy to life and we are so thankful for the gift of adoption which will finally allow us to be a mom and dad!

Hilary and Alan

Hi! We are Hilary and Alan. Thank you for considering our family. We hope that our profile allows you to know our little family which includes our son, Miles. He is a sweet boy that we were blessed with after two years of infertility treatments and a difficult pregnancy. He has added so much to our lives and we are excited to add more love and laughter to our home through adoption. By creating an adoption plan, it is clear to us that you love and care for your child's future. No matter what path you choose to take on your journey, we wish you and your child all the best.

Tammy and Gary

Hello! We are Tammy and Gary. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey. As a couple, we too have been on a long journey. Little did we know when we married five years ago, we would not be able to have children of our own. The challenges we have faced have brought us closer together and helped us see that God’s plan for our family is bigger than what we had imagined. We cherish the opportunity to be considered as adoptive parents to your child. Together we enjoy traveling to new places and exploring the outdoors. Tammy is a Reading Intervention Teacher with elementary students. She enjoys working with children and helping them become better readers. Gary is a Senior Loss Control Specialist, he provides city workers tips to work safely in their jobs, and make public places safe for others to enjoy. As a result, he is always thinking about our safety too! Thank you for learning about our journey, we hope to become a part of yours.

Candice and Eric

Hi, we’re Eric and Candice. We've been married for 8 years and have always hoped that kids would be a part of our family story. We both grew up in Kansas, where we met in high school, lived in Phoenix, Arizona for 3 years and have been in Lexington for 5 years now. As we dreamed and prayed for our future family, it became clear that adoption would be a part of that story. Between Candice teaching middle school, to Eric pastoring high school students at our church, we enjoy working and doing life with people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and stories. In our free time we like to go to sporting events, musicals, volunteer, or just go to dinner and a movie, but mostly we enjoy hanging out with our friends and inviting others into our home. We cannot wait to bring a child along for this adventure we call life. Thank you for your humility in considering an adoption plan. We pray that you’ll have clarity in your decision and hope that you’ll consider us.

Christy and Jimmy

Fun loving couple that has been blessed in so many ways already but would like to fulfill their dream of a family. We have successful careers, wonderful families, two great dogs but we both feel like there is one thing missing and that is children. We are very active and enjoy traveling and spending time with our family and friends. We have been married for 6 years and have struggled with infertility going through 5 rounds of IVF that were all unsuccessful. We know we are meant to be parents and have been led to adoption and foster care to grow our family. Our first foster placement was with us for 8.5 months before going to Nevada to live with our grandparents. Having her in our home was a truly joyful time in our home and we can't wait to fill our home with all things baby again. We learned from that experience that not only do we make a great team in our marriage but also as parents. We are just looking for that next child to love.

Kaylee and Isaac

Hi! We are Kaylee and Isaac. We have been best friends for more than ten years and husband and wife for two years now. We have always shared many things in common but really balance each other out well through our differences. We are both extremely close with our family. We both enjoy activities and travel that lead to new experiences; however, Kaylee focuses and prepares us for everything to come and Isaac grounds us in the beauty of the present. What really solidifies us is that we find one another funny! Isaac works in IT and Kaylee is a public high school teacher. We garden, woodwork, hike, kayak, and love our dog and cat. We have always visualized sharing our life with children, and we are thankful that adoption can make that a reality for us. We wish you strength, guidance, and peace throughout this process. If we by chance happen to be part of your plan, we would be eternally grateful!

Trinity and Jason

Hello! We are Trinity and Jason Bramhall. We’ve been together since November of 2010, have enjoyed a wonderful married life since January 2015 and we cannot wait to share the rest of our lives as loving parents. We live in Burlington, Kentucky and we believe that it is the perfect mix of city and country that we have both longed for. We are self-described nerds and our lifestyle reflects that in many ways. You can catch us playing board games with our very diverse friends or family on a weekly basis, making annual trips to renaissance fairs and expressing our love of all things science-fiction. We love the outdoors and like to camp, walk our dog through parks and, with Jason being from England, a love for travel. There is always love and laughter in the house and a sense of wanting to get up and experience life and the wonders that God has blessed us with. We cannot wait to share our lifestyle with a child so they can experience the life we strive to live every day.

Natalie and Brian

Hello!! Thank you so much for taking the time to consider us in being a forever family to your little one!! We are beyond thrilled at the opportunity to grow our family through adoption. We understand that you are making a major decision, one that is being made out of an abundance of love and profound selflessness. We admire you so much for your courage and strength and would be honored to go through this beautiful adoption journey with you. So again, thank you so much for giving us the chance to fulfill our hearts greatest desire in helping us to become parents....again.

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