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Our Family

Biological Children: 1
Adoptive Children: 1
Pets: 3 (dog, cat)


My Occupation: Elementary Teacher/Stay at Home Mom
My Education: Master's Degree
My Ethnic Background: Caucasian
My Faith: Christian
Favorite Family Tradition: Yearly vacations
Favorite Vacation Destination: The beach
Favorite Hobby: Photography
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Music Genre: Contemporary Christian


My Occupation: Auto Body Technician/Part Owner
My Education: High School and some college courses
My Ethnic Background: Caucasian
My Faith: Christian
Favorite Family Activity: Weekends at the lake with family
Favorite Hobby: Anything outdoors
Favorite Vacation Destination: Visiting new places
Favorite Family Tradition: Christmas breakfast at grandmother's
Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect 1 & 2

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Letter to Expectant Parent(s)

Dear Birthparents,

Thank you for taking the time to take a peek into our lives and consider us as parents for your child. We truly admire your courage and strength and realize how much you must love your child to be considering adoption. We want you to know that we are ready to give your child a life that will be full of laughter, opportunity, and especially love.

Six years ago, we built our home on sixteen acres of land and we love everything about it. The kids love being outdoors, and we have plenty of room to explore. Between the garden, playground, creek, and our pets, there is never a shortage of things to do! We also live right across the road from Brent's parents, which has been great for the kids.

Brent has worked full time with his father at the family business since he was 18. He is an auto body technician and now part owner. He plans to one day run the business. Brent spends his free time outdoors. He enjoys hunting, boating, gardening, scuba diving, and just hanging outside with the kids. He also loves traveling and makes sure we are able to take the kids to new places for awesome adventures.

Stacia is an elementary teacher on hold while the kids are young. She taught at a local elementary school for four years before deciding to be a stay at home mom. She has her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and her Masters Degree in Reading and Writing. Although she loves teaching, being able to be home with her children while they are young has been a huge blessing. Stacia enjoys photography, cooking, and anything crafty. She also enjoys involving the kids in her hobbies.

We have two beautiful children. Our daughter, Brynlea, is six, and our son, Zane, is three. We adopted Brynlea as a newborn. She just finished Kindergarten and loved every second of it. She really excelled at reading and is well above grade level. Brynlea loves to swing, color, and read chapter books. Zane is a very energetic, friendly, and funny boy. At three years old, he is already counting to thirty, counting backwards, and he recognizes all the letters of the alphabet. He is working on letter sounds and is anxious to read "like Sissy." Zane loves animals, playing outside, and having playdates with his friends. Both of our children often ask about adding a sibling to the family and we cannot wait for them to meet the newest addition that God has planned for our family!

Each year, we spend two weeks vacationing. One week is spent at the lake with family, and one week is spent traveling somewhere new with the kids. We have been all around the country, but beaches are always a favorite! A few years ago, we were able to go to England! This past February, we took the kids to Disney World and on a Disney Cruise for their birthdays! The memories made on these trips are priceless! Our summers are spent gardening, swimming in Grammy's pool, and boating at the lake. We spend most summer weekends and one full week at the lake. We have a lake house minutes from the water and we have made so many wonderful memories there.

Family is very important to us. Brent's parents are Grammy and Pop. The kids spend every Tuesday afternoon/evening with them. With them so close, we also visit with them on the weekends and spend full weekends with them at the lake. Stacia's parents are Nee Nee and Papaw. Nee Nee visits every Thursday afternoon and some weekends. Papaw travels but is able to stop by for visits at least once every two weeks. Our kids also have five great-grandparents, one great-great-grandfather, aunts and uncles, and numerous cousins. We love spending time with family celebrating birthdays, holidays, and just hanging out.

Our hearts are full of love that we are excited to share with another child. We are able to provide a Christ-centered home full of love, laughter, opportunity, and stability. Thank you for considering us and may God bless you in this important decision for your child.

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