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Biological Children: 0
Adoptive Children: 0
Pets: 1 (dog)


My Occupation: Professor
My Education: Doctorate in Biology
My Ethnic Background:
My Faith: Catholic
Favorite Hobby: Arts and Crafts to embellish special occasions
Favorite Animal: Dogs: pups, young and oldies
Favorite Sport: Soccer, I am Argentina fan!!!
Favorite Family Activity: outdoor movies at the Paris drive in
Favorite Vacation Destination: House+Boat Rental=FUN


My Occupation: Technician
My Education: Associate degree in electronics
My Ethnic Background: African American
My Faith: Catholic
Favorite Childhood Memory: Trips to Chicago to visit grandma
Favorite Food: Any homemade meal, specially grilled salmon and lasagna
Favorite Hobby: Fishing at the lakes and deep sea
Favorite Sport: Football, committed Steeler's fan
Favorite Vacation Destination: Any beach, from sunrise to sunset

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Letter to Expectant Parent(s)

Dear Expectant Parent(s)
A year ago, we decided that it was time to get pregnant. Given that we met later in life, we always had this good feeling about adoption. Not being able to have our own child in the last year, we started to feel that adopting a newborn would be the best option for us at this time. We want to experience the building of a family from the very beginning, including the challenge and the responsibility of raising a baby.

We met in Augusta, GA. I was working at the University and Earl was training in a military base before his last deployment to Iraq. We started a long-distance relationship, since Earl was living in Charlotte, NC. In 2013, we got engaged and moved to Lexington, KY. I started a job at the University of Kentucky, where I am an Assistant Professor studying the early origins of cardiovascular disease. We got married in 2014 and we bought a home early in 2015.

We love having friends and family visit our home. We enjoy music, good food, singing karaoke and dancing. We can be a party of 3 or 30, it does not matter to have fun! We are so excited about the life we built together. We enjoy very much camping, fishing, traveling, doing new projects at home. Earl loves to cook and dance. His personality is like a magnet that makes people love his attendance at any get together. I enjoy arts and crafts, sewing and riding my bike. I like to organize the details of trips and events at home. We both take care of the house outdoor and indoor, and we take care of our male Maltese dog, Gio.

Bringing people together is one of our biggest passions. During these parties, we always play and have fun with others' kids. However, we realized that we need to fulfill our life by raising our own children. We agree and feel from the bottom of our hearts that adoption is what is meant to be for us. We are confident we can provide good parenting to our future child to make sure she/he has all the opportunities in life, giving him/her good tools and values to be kind to other people. We want to show them that there are consequences for any actions, and teach them to appreciate what they have. It is important they learn to be thankful, share and help others.

We both grew up in a Catholic family, as such, we would like to give a child the same life experience as we had, including festivities and fellowship with other families. As a couple, we talk about and try to come up with the best course of action. We negotiate and compromise until we come up with the best answer to our disagreements or conflicts. We feel that we will use this same approach as parents.

Being an interracial couple, we always knew our child would be a mixture of color and culture. We are so excited to have this possibility and we are so thankful to the parent(s) that consider us as the best plan for their child. We will make sure that in the future she/he will know about their origin and will provide them the information they need at the right time. We cannot imagine how difficult making this decision will be; however, we are confident that he/she will feel loved, happy and thankful.

All the best,
Analia & Earl Kinsey

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