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Biological Children: 0
Adoptive Children: 0
Pets: 2 (dog, cat)


My Occupation: High School English Teacher
My Education: Master of Arts Degree
My Ethnic Background: Caucasian
My Faith: Non-Denominational
Favorite Author: Margaret Atwood
Favorite Childhood Memory: Green River Lake with Grandparents
Favorite TV Show: Veronica Mars
Favorite Hobby: Woodworking
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving


My Occupation: Information Technology
My Education: Associate's Degree
My Ethnic Background: Caucasian
My Faith: Non-Denominational
Favorite Movie: It's a Wonderful Life
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Favorite Childhood Memory: Playing Basketball with Friends
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Author: John Steinbeck

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Letter to Expectant Parent(s)

Dear Expectant Parent(s),
Hello! We are Kaylee and Isaac. We have been best friends for more than ten years and husband and wife for two years now. We have always shared many things in common but really balance each other out well through our differences. We are both extremely close with our family. We both enjoy activities and travel that lead to new experiences; however, Kaylee focuses and prepares us for everything to come and Isaac grounds us in the beauty of the present. What really solidifies us is that we find one another funny!

We are so fortunate to both have jobs that we love so much! Isaac has worked in IT at a small local bank for 18 years. While he loves technology and the work of solving new problems, he has also gained a wonderful work family who have all been very supportive of both us. Kaylee has been a public-school teacher in the same school district for the last nine years and wouldn’t trade the joy of working with kids for anything! She, like Isaac, also has a strong supportive group of colleagues but mostly treasures the connections, memories, and lasting relationships she has made with kids over the years.

Outside of work, we’ve thrown ourselves into making our house a home. Kaylee attempts, fails, and reattempts many home renovation and carpentry projections. Isaac has nearly made us a self-sufficient home by managing two large gardens filled with corn, watermelon, lettuce, pumpkins, tomatoes, etc. We have loved building a home together with our two pets: Sawyer, a shepherd mix, and Wanky Joe, an orange cat. They are an unlikely pair but love each other fiercely. Sawyer immediately took to Wanky when he was a kitten and has cared for him like he was his own pup. We find them both very entertaining. When we are not home laughing at our pets, we are either just visiting and eating with family and friends or doing what we love the most, like kayaking, hiking, or going to the movies. We also really love interacting with our community by attending festivals, supporting local restaurants and businesses. We also play bingo with much of our community, but really most of our free time ends by browsing our local library. We also really love travelling! We always try to visit places we’ve never been and experience the most those places have to offer whether that just be through the food or even biking miles to historical destinations.

We have wanted to expand our family for several years now. Many of our siblings and friends have had children for many years now, and we find ourselves playing with their children more than we are hanging out with them. When we talked about having children, adoption was always part of the conversation. After undergoing fertility treatments with no success for a year, adoption became more than just a conversation. We have discussed at length and visualized what our life would look like for years. Regardless as to how it happens our vision is a family filled with children whom we love and share our life with and help become their unique selves by striving to always do what is in their best interest. We have already planned maternity and paternity leave. Kaylee’s mother has kept other grandchildren for two consecutive years and is excited to watch another until they are old enough to attend the daycare at Kaylee’s school!

We cannot imagine how difficult coming to this decision will be for you. We are completely open to whatever plan you, the birth parent(s), desire in terms of openness whether that be weekly or monthly updates via email or phone or even personal visits. We will be supportive of whatever is decided, and we can assure you if you are to consider us as your best plan for your child, he/she will be loved, guided, and provided for with any and every ability we possess.

We wish you strength, guidance, and peace throughout this process. If we by chance happen to be part of your plan, we would be eternally grateful!

Best Wishes,
Kaylee and Isaac

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