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Biological Children: 0
Adoptive Children: 0
Pets: 3 (dog, cat)


My Occupation: Banking Customer Service Specialist
My Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts
My Ethnic Background: Caucasian
My Faith: Christian
Favorite Movie: Titanic
Favorite Vacation Destination: Newcastle, Northern Ireland
Favorite Quote: "Who knows how tall the tree might have grown had it not been broken by the wind"
Favorite Holiday: Halloween!
Favorite Book: The Harry Potter Series


My Occupation: Financial Relationship Manager Associate
My Education: High school and some college
My Ethnic Background: Caucasian
My Faith: Christian
Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Hobby: Chainmaille
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Dream Vacation: I would like to set foot in each of the 50 states and all 7 continents
Favorite Family Tradition: Incorporating some English traditions during the holiday season (I.E. Bonfire Night, Elements of a tradition English Christmas)

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Letter to Expectant Parent(s)


We are Jason and Trinity. We want you to know that we are already thinking of and praying for you often. Thank you for taking time to read our letter and we want you to know we truly admire you and your courage while considering an adoption plan for your child.

A little about us…
We met on an online dating site in 2010 when we were both in college. We fell in love early in our relationship because we had so much in common. We are both self-described “nerds”. We love all things sci-fi/fantasy, especially Harry Potter, dressing up an going to the Ohio Renaissance Festival, camping, and playing tabletop/ board/card games. We even jokingly called our wedding “My Big Fat Geek Wedding”, because we really let our personalities shine through. We gave out handmade Harry Potter “wands” as favors. After dating for four years, we tied the knot in 2015 on a cold day in January, at our church, surrounded by close friends and family.

On a Friday night you can usually catch us at the local Starbucks, drinking a coffee and conversing with friends. We both enjoy being creative and have our respective crafts (Trinity likes to paint, and needle felt, Jason enjoys creating chainmaille). Jason is from England, so we love to travel to the United Kingdom to spend time with his family and to take in the gorgeous sights. We love going to watch our local soccer team, FC Cincinnati and cheering on Manchester United from afar.

We now live in beautiful Burlington, Kentucky. We consider Burlington to be the best place to live as it is the perfect mix of country and city. In 30 minutes, we can be in either downtown Cincinnati, or Rabbit Hash Kentucky, which is most notably known for having a dog as their mayor. It is not uncommon for us to see deer and other wildlife in and around our neighborhood, but we can also get to the grocery store within 10 minutes. We live on a cul-de-sac in a big white house with a spacious backyard. Our house really reflects who we are. Many of Trinity’s own paintings decorate the walls, we have some subtle Halloween decorations that stay up year-round, along with other magical décor scattered around that reminds us of things from the Harry Potter universe and our other various fandoms. Our home isn’t perfect, but it is cozy, and it is ours. Our home is often filled with friends and family, and is home to two ginger cats, called Chessy and William, and an 18-month-old lab/hound puppy called Khaleesi. They are all just the sweetest animals who love to play and cuddle.

After a few years of marriage, and learning how to live with one another, we decided to try and start to grow our family. We both deeply desired to be parents, even from a young age and we discussed adoption early in our relationship. Trinity had always felt called to adopt, due in part to her deep Christian faith and because her first cousin was adopted into her family when she was 2 years old, so adoption has always been very familiar and normal. Together, we always planned to adopt but we planned to have a biological child first. However, after four years of trying to conceive naturally and through fertility treatments, we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We were devastated of course, but after a lot of prayer, it became clear that God had big plans for us; we now feel that God has destined for us to build our family through adoption.

Hopes, Dreams and Plans for the Future…
As mentioned earlier, we both have always desired deeply to be parents and we have had a long time to imagine and dream about our future child. Because we feel that we are designed to build our family through adoption, we know that God will place with us the child that we are meant to parent. We have spent years imagining what they will enjoy doing, what they will look like and such, we have also spent time considering our hopes and dreams for them. As we look forward to parenthood, there are so many hopes and dreams we have that will affect how we will raise our child. Above all, we want them to know that they are loved and supported no matter what. Below is a list of hopes and dreams that we have for this child.

• We are very active in our church and our faith; we hope this child will maintain a lifelong faith in God.
• We deeply hope that this child will be kind and will treat all humans, animals and the earth with love, respect and kindness. We desire that they will love like Jesus and to help others in need and always see skin color or cultural differences as a something to be celebrated.
• We dream that they will enjoy their life, that they will always enjoy serving others and that they will have fun doing so, but that they will also always make time to take care of themselves.
• We hope they are lifelong learners; that they dream big and follow their dreams, and fight for what they believe in.
• And finally, we want our child to embrace their adoption story with pride.

As for future plans, we cannot wait to bring home this child and love them endlessly for their entire life. Many of our friends and family have children, so they will always have a playmate and they will be welcomed into a big family with open arms and warm hearts. We both work full time jobs, and we intend to keep doing so, however immediately following placement, we both will have seven weeks of paid time off where we will spend as much time with the baby as we can. Following this time off, we are blessed enough to have parents, siblings and trusted friends who will help care for them while we work.

We plan to be very forthcoming, open and positive in terms of adoption, and we hope that the child will embrace their adoption story with nothing less than utmost pride, knowing that their adoptive parents were carefully chosen, by their biological parents who loved them deeply. We never want them to wonder where they came from and for this reason, we look forward to an open adoption so that you can remain a part of this child’s life, in whatever capacity you feel most comfortable. We just want you to know that should you place your child with us that you will not be saying “goodbye” to them, but rather “until next time”. We promise that we will love this child endlessly, care for and raise them to be a strong person, who will always know their place in the world.

Thank you again for taking time to read our letter. We hope we have answered all our questions about us, but if there is anything else you would like to know, please reach out and we would be happy to answer any questions.

With love,

Jason and Trinity.

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